Antalya Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Antalya is known to be a sunny region in the south of Turkey and many people go there for a wonderful holiday during summer. It has wonderful beaches and resorts, so most of the time there is spent outdoors. That is why it is only natural to have a piece of furniture that is meant to be used only outdoors named after this region. This is Antalya Outdoor Chaise Lounge. It is a luxury item and it shows you comfort and relaxation in all the photos with it.


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The chaise lounge frame is made of powder coated aluminum combined with woven resin. The frame is adjustable so as to offer the best position in the sun, either totally horizontal or with only one part lifted, normally the head part. Of course the frame is only the base for the comfortable cushions that are made of drainable foam. However, the head rest and the cushion are optional, as if you want to lay in the sun without them, you can do that easily. But if you want the cushion, to, you can choose between sailcloth shell and Natte Heather grey. The item is now available in  Driftwood or Havana finish and can be ordered online from McGuire furniture for about $2,745.