Another refurbishment apartment in Paris by SWAN Architects

Lately I have noticed that people cannot afford a big apartment and they buy a small one in order to transform it into a spacious one. Thus they modify the entire structure of the apartment. They bring new building elements or even destroy some parts of it. All these transformations may bring benefits or can damage the structure of the building and this is the reason why they need to be done by professional people. The result is amazing if you compare it with its former design. The rooms look more spacious and everything seems to be more modern and comfortable.

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In Paris, France there is a minimalist apartment which was designed by SWAN Architects using apartment extrusion. The result of their work was a spacious and modern apartment with a rustic touch. The transformation took place in order to get more space and natural light.

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There was used a white wooden divider between rooms which actually was a library. The rustic touch was brought by this wooden divider which contrasted the modern design of the apartment. The elegant combination of white and red was used all over the rooms, even in the kitchen. The wood parquet brought warm and comfort to all the spaces. It is a minimalist Parisian apartment which inspires you light, warm, purity and freshness and will make you feel nice and comfortable. You will definitely enjoy the white comfortable sofa in the living area or the large bed in the bedroom. The kitchen looks also nice and practical but the originality is definitely brought by the wooden airy library which works as divider too.