How To Brighten Up Your Work Space By Transforming The Chair

Your office chair is one thing you should never overlook. Not only that it has to be comfortable, but it also needs to be ergonomic and to allow you to maintain a healthy and correct posture while working. Of course, looks are also important. When the chair in your office gets old and starts to show its weaknesses, that’s the best time to give it a makeover. No worries, this will not be an overly complicated project unless you insist on it.

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On lauriejoneshome you’ll find the dose of inspiration needed for starting your own office chair makeover project. So let’s have a closer look at this transformation. The chair has a solid frame which was in good shape and that was the important thing. After being painted black, the chair got a colorful new seat. Red, white and blue were the color accents chosen. You can feel free to pick any other pattern and color combination for your own chair.

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Sometimes all an office chair needs is a more cheerful and fun design and that’s easy to get with the right fabric. In case you’re wondering how the transformation would take place, check out the details offered on ohohblog. As you can see, after removing the seat and backrest, new fabric was added, after which the frame was put back in place.

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An office chair that’s already been used for some time will most likely need a new seat cushion. So remove the seat and cut the foam to the right shape and size so it matches the frame. Then cover it with fabric and staple the edges to the wood as shown on lovegrowswild. You can do the same thing for the backrest.

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But if all you want is a change of look, then things are pretty easy. You don’t have to remove the old upholstery or take apart the chair completely. Just remove the seat and backrest and make fabric covers for them. You can staple the fabric directly to the chair. Oursouthernhomesc can offer a few more details on that.

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Office chairs with molded plastic backs make the makeover easy because they allow you to staple the new fabric to the seat and backrest and then cover the edges with the plastic, thus creating a perfect look. If you want, you can simply make a cover that goes over the entire backrest and which is removable. {found on inmyownstyle}.

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Another possibility is to glue the fabric to the chair. This can work if you have a leather chair. So take a piece of fabric larger than the portion you want to cover. With a brush, apply glue to the chair and then press the fabric on. Cut the excess with scissors and push the fabric edge under the piping. At the end apply a coat of mod podge to the fabric to seal it. Repeat for the seat cushion. Find more details about the project on abeautifulmess.

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There’s also the option to simply spray paint the chair. You can do that if you have an office with vinyl or leather upholstery. Tape off the base or remove it and spray paint the rest of the chair. Separately, paint the base as well. On dreamalittlebigger you can see how such a chair would look like with a white seat and a metallic gold base.