Another luxury villa located in Puglia

Masseria Acquadolce is a beautiful property with a stylish and spacious country residence that can be rented to those who want to experience the beautiful landscape and tranquility of the area. The villa has been recently restored and redecorated by an Italian architect and it now features a rustic but luxurious décor.

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This beautiful villa is located in Puglia and it’s guaranteed to offer a unique experience. The property includes a pool area, a min volume and a series of very beautiful gardens. The interior includes 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The rooms are simple but chic and cozy. They have double beds, storage spaces for cloths and everything else, chic nightstands and lamps and windows that offer wonderful views of the surrounding area. The dimensions of the rooms are variable.

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The villa also offers a stylish and spacious living area and a relaxing outdoor lounge area. You can also relax near the pool or by visiting the gardens. The services offered include daily cleaning and weekly linen change. The location of this property is particularly interesting. It has the sea close-by and Ionian beaches are also visible from there. Moreover, local towns are also close and can be visited. It’s a beautiful property with a lovely location and beautiful architecture. Both the indoor and outdoor areas are stylish and charming.