Another fun and colorful office design by Agustina Bottinelli

When you say “office” or “workplace” you imagine something formal, gray, even sad. However, not all offices need to be like that. This is a fun office. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a workspace but more like a home. It must be nice to feel like home at the workplace.

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This was a project by Argentinian architect Agustina Bottinelli of AB I Arquitectos Asociados. The office features a colorful interior design with lots of red, a dynamic color that won’t let the employees get bored or fall asleep at their desks. The office also has creative piano key stairs, a very nice detail. The furniture is modern and colorful. The office also features old school video games, funny decorations and paintings on the walls and a strangely attractive bathroom.

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I definitely agree with creative designs such as this one. Feeling comfortable and having fun at the workplace is essential and it can definitely increase the productivity. Even though some people might wonder if all those elements ever turn into distractions, preventing the employees from working, I’m sure that’s not a problem. Of course, that also depends on what type of employees that firm has. But judging the interior design separately, I would say it was a big success and it should inspire more people.