4 Simple DIY Ways To Craft A Wooden Desk For The Home Office

Can’t find a decent/ affordable desk for your home office or you simply enjoy DIY projects. Then how about building one yourself? This way you can control the entire process and give the desk the desired shape, size and design. Wood is a great material you can use for such a project so check out these four ideas and let them inspire you.


A wall-mounted desk can save you some floor space and can be really practical if you don’t need a lot of storage space. This particular design is especially great because it’s simple, practical and versatile. To build this desk you need two large wood planks and two small pieces for the sides. Attach the top to the wall with brackets.

Concrete Desktop and Wood Legs

If you want a small desk with a chic-industrial look, try the design offered on homedepot. The base is made of wood and the top is made of concrete. The small shelves add a bit of storage while keeping the design simple. Start by crafting the concrete mold and then pouring the mix in to make the top. After that, build the desk legs using wood.

Built in hairpin legs desk

Another idea is to combine a wooden top with built-in storage with four hairpin legs. You can customize the top in a lot of different ways depending on how much storage you need and on what you want to store there. Follow the instructions on Sinnerenrausch and add your own twist to the project.

Hairpin bed table

If all you need is a tiny desk to put on your lap so you can work from the bed, check out the project featured on Themerrythought. You need a piece of wood, four small hairpin legs, some sandpaper and a drill. Sand the edges of the wood and drill holes in the corners to attach the hairpin legs.