Another convertible Ulisse desk designed special for small spaces

This is yet another practical piece of furniture that’s perfect for small spaces. It’s an ideal piece for small bedrooms. The Ullise unit is part of the Ulisse Collection that includes other similar creations and it’s offered by CLEI. Ulisse is a particularly interesting and versatile unit because it’s a functional desk that also doubles as a pull-down double bed.

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The Ulisse desk was designed by Giulio Manzony who also has other similar creations designed for small spaces. This transformable system would be particularly useful in a single-bedroom home or in a teenager’s room. This way during the day it can be used as a practical desk where you can get some work done, maybe do some homework and during the night all you have to do is pull out the bed and sleep comfortably until the next day.

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The great thing is that during the day the bed is basically unnoticeable and it clears out lots of floor space that can be used for something else. The room looks airy, clean and spacious. The unit has a vertical tilting bed always ready to use, provided with a front table and disappears when the bed folds down. The table also acts as support for the bed. The same, the bed disappears when it’s folded up. The same model is also available with a single bed and it’s called Telemaco Desk. Both versions are 31 cm deep.