Another Colorful Apartment in Paris

Color is one of the most important aspects in a house; its presence or its absence makes the difference between an ordinary apartment and one that makes you vibrate. Color is in for a house as important as for a painter. The more harmonious is the combination, the better and more optimistic you feel.

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This apartment in Paris is based on the same idea of color, the essence of  life.  It inspires a fairytale world in which the sovereigns are colors. The building is old and  is located in Paris, with an old air, a romantic mood, inspiring pure magic. Every room seems to have its own soul and its own atmosphere, with old wallpaper, hand carved stone flooring, mid-century furniture and flea market findings.

Apartment in Paris 3View in gallery

These aspects are the ones which revive the past and history, while the color combination draws the attention upon the present and what is important in life: to feel at ease and enjoy every little detail that makes you feel good.  In contrast with all the other rooms and parts of the house, the bedroom is white, suggesting purity and creating a very peaceful atmosphere in a predominantly colored environment.

Apartment in Paris 3

Red, yellow, green are touches that reveal the lifestyle of the owner, no matter they are in a painting, on the wall or in furniture pieces, they transmit a certain mood, energy, joy and make people aware of the details which make the difference.{found on da}