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In January 2012 two new Comme des Garçons shops opened in Berlin. The Japanese fashion label had already one shop in Berlin, but they considered it’s time to open two others. As a matter of fact, the two shops have different targets and commercialize different products.

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The first one, the BLACK SHOP, sells modern stylish and casual clothes from the BLACK line. The collection sells monochromatic clothes which, depending to the color, can give a sober or a joyful look. The waals of the shop are also monochromatic, in black and white, which give the impression of an airy space.

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The second one, the POCKET SHOP, as it name’s suggests, sells different kind of accessories, from wallets to perfumes. The great idea of these two shops is that they are situated next door to another. Actually this way they create a mini- Comme des Garçons-city, in the middle of Berlin, where customers can buy a complete outfit for their needs. The two shops are situated at Linienstrasse 115, 10115 Berlin, which is right in the middle of a residential area located in the Berlin-Mitte district. This way, the shops answer to the locals demanding and it’s sure they’ll always have classy customers.

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The two shops continue the urban tradition of Berlin. They fit the contemporary style of living and they satisfy the needs of a select branch of customers. If you are one of those shopaholics, then you must visit the two Comme des Garçons shops from Berlin.