Animal Stool with Coat Rack – Zebra

All children love animals very much, whether they are farm or wild animals, whether the animals are from their country or from exotic places, extinct or not. And zebras are among the most loved animals because they look just like horses, but are a lot more gentle in look and have such a fun black and white design with stripes.  Well, children also need to use stools to reach different places in their homes and they need a coat rack within reach so that they can have easy access to their clothes and coats. But what if they could have these three features merged into one thing? This is the Animal Stool with Coat Rack – Zebra.

PTRU1 5405866dtThis is a nice stool with a long wooden neck looking just like a zebra. The long zebra neck functions as a coat rack thanks to the four wooden racks. The stool is hand painted and has an incredible design, that is created by Teamson Design Corp and manufactured by Tao. The zebra has a round seating and is 13.75 x 13.75 x 42 in size. It is perfect for the kids room and the fact that it is multifunctional saves some space, too. You can purchase the time now for $49.99.