Animal Mug

Everybody loves animals, especially children who are crazy about animals. That is why I think it is a very good idea to offer them the possibility to have breakfast, that is tea or milk or whatever they drink in the morning, served in a very special and nice Animal Mug. One thing that I should mention in order to convince you kids and adults will love these mugs: their design is very simple, yet very pleasant. You can immediately recognize the animal represented on the mug, even if it is drawn with just a few strokes of the pencil or brush. That is so characteristic to children.

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These mugs are made of ceramics, so they will keep the liquid inside warm for a longer time than usual and the funny coloured handles will add a plus of personality to these funny items. The mugs have the perfect size for a good breakfast and are perfectly safe to use both in the microwave oven and in the dishwasher. If you like them , you can purchase them from Tortoise General Store, directly online and you can choose from a variety of animals. Each mug can be purchased for $16, regardless of the animal designed on it.