Ananda In the Himalayas luxury spa

Ananda In the Himalayas is a luxury spa resort located close to the mythological city of Rishikesh. It’s surrounded by the beautiful Sal forest and the location together with the décor are an invitation to relaxation. This luxury resort is a retreat perfect for those who need to restore their energy and to create a balance in their ecosystem.

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The resort uses the healing principles of the East and the West with a specific focus on Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, all combined with contemporary spa technology. After spending a few days there you can feel the harmony between mind, body and spirit. The resort sits on 100 acres of virgin forest so the location is perfect for relaxation. The connection to the nature is a clever addition.

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The resort opened in September 2000 and it includes a restored Viceregal Palace, world-class Spa, 75 deluxe rooms and suites, and 3 private villas with incredibly beautiful views of the Ganges River and nearby mountains. The guests can rejuvenate themselves in the 24,000 square foot spa with an extensive selection of therapies in the 21 treatment rooms and 4 consultation rooms. The resort also offers luxurious hydrotherapy facilities, a Beauty Institute, outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms and fully equipped gymnasium. Even the thought of it relaxes you.