An Unusual Mix Of Styles In A North Zeeland Cottage

Mixing styles is not something anyone can do. You need to know which ones to combine and how to create a balance. Usually it’s just two styles that are combined, either similar or very different such as modern and antique. In the case of this home located in Hornbæk, North Zealand, the interior design is eclectic and features a variety of influences and styles.

Beautiful cottage

Basically, what the owners did was to buy all sorts of things the like and to include them in the design of their home. They combined antique furniture with pieces they brought from their trips and with some modern pieces.

Beautiful cottage1

It’s an unusual mix but it’s something that characterizes the owners, it’s a composition of everything they like. It’s actually a quite interesting idea to buy all the pieces that you like without concerning yourself with style and with how they will look in combination with everything else that you own.

Beautiful cottage2

Beautiful cottage3

Beautiful cottage4

The interior of a home should make the owners feel comfortable and it should contain elements that love. The owner of this residence has spent many years trying to master the art of interior decoration. So, when you think about it, it’s not just a random mix of things.

Beautiful cottage5

Beautiful cottage6

Beautiful cottage7
Everything is well chosen and strategically placed there so there’s cohesion to this interior design. It’s important to maintain a balance in the décor and to make sure all the pieces fit together. Still, managing to create something like this is definitely challenging and only possible if it’s the owner who plans everything.{found on femina}.