An old warehouse turned into a cozy loft

We don’t always manage to find the perfect home. It’s either because we have bad luck or because our standards don’t correspond to what the market has to offer. In such cases there’s no need to be sad and give up. It’s more like an invite to start your own project. Whether you decide to build your own home from scratch or use something already existent and turn it into the home you’ve always wanted, it’s a very inspiring project.This particular loft that you see in the pictures is not from an apartment complex but from an old warehouse.

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In fact, it’s a very interesting transformation. This space used to be and old warehouse and, as you can imagine, it wasn’t fit for living. The current owners however had a different plan for it. They decided to purchase the warehouse and to give it a new look. Moreover, they decided to turn that ugly space into a colorful and inviting home. So the space went from being and old warehouse to being a beautiful loft.It took the owners a lot of courage to start such a complex project.

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They had to rethink everything. What they had at the beginning was just an empty space that didn’t look great wither. They needed to restructure everything and to make a plan and a design that would then allow them to turn that space into a home. As you can see they managed to do a great job. The loft is colorful, modern and very inviting. It’s basically impossible to imagine that it used to be such a different space.{pics by Ferdinand Graf Luckner}.