Old Cabinets Completely Transformed By Paint

It has become a very common practice to paint old furniture in order to restore and to change its look for the better. It’s a simple and efficient way of reviving an old piece of furniture and to make it suitable for your modern home interior. But that’s not always why we paint furniture. Sometimes it’s a way to customize and personalize a certain furniture piece in order to make it better fit in your home and to match the existing décor.

A Mid-Century Modern Makeover
After renovation dresser

Transforming an old dresser with paint is very easy. The hardest step is actually making the decision to paint the piece. But here’s a very inspiring example that might help make that part easier. This mid-century modern dresser looked pretty old and boring but it’s been painted green and now it looks very fresh and stylish. The drawer pulls were kept and painted as well and now the whole piece looks lovely. {found on curbly}.

Dresser turned into a tv stand

Sometimes painting a dresser or an entertainment unit can help hide some of its imperfections and highlight some of the small details you like about the design. The TV stand featured on twotwentyone had an old and outdated look and the white paint gave it a more uniform and cohesive look. It also helped to make the hardware stand out a bit more. The top drawers were removed and those spaces remained open and more practical for storing the electronics.

painted bedroom dresser white washed

A similar transformation happened in the case of the chic dresser featured on thegoldensycamore. The original dark color didn’t really suit a modern setting so a lighter and more casual look was preferred instead. As before, the hardware was preserved. After painting the dresser white, the edges and corners were lightly sanded in order to give the piece a distressed look with a little bit of vintage appeal.

Green painted buffet

In some cases, a vibrant touch of color is just what a space needs to look and feel complete. That touch of color can come in the form of a cabinet or a dresser and since it’s pretty hard to find a design you like with the right color it would be easier to just give the piece a makeover. So remove the hardware, get some tape if you want the top to have a different color and start painting. Check out artisbeauty for more info and inspiration.

Grey and white painted tall dresser

A dresser doesn’t need to be old for you to want to give it a makeover. Actually, an interesting idea is to purchase a new unfinished piece so you can customize it exactly the way you want. You can find a great tutorial regarding this very idea on fynesdesigns. The dresser featured here was painted using a combination of white and gray which is quite chic and versatile and really great for a modern décor.

Vintage dresser makeover

When it comes to vintage furniture, things can be a bit more tricky and complicated. Usually it’s nice to preserve as much of the original look as possible. At the same time, you want to make a few changes. Finding the right balance is not exactly easy but you can find a few pointers on prodigalpieces. Here you can find the description of how an outdated dresser became a beautiful vintage piece with a subtle industrial vibe.