An inspiring DIY gallery grid that you can personalize as you want

Whenever a room seems too cold and detached it means you should try to personalize it a little more. You can do that by using photos, your own artwork or anything else that reflects your personality. A wooden gallery grid would be perfect for all those things. It’s something that you can do yourself and it’s a simple project.All you need is some lumber, a drill and a can or two of stain.It should be a lovely week-end project. Now let’s see the instructions. If you wish to recreate the one in the example then you should use three 2x 1’’ pieces of oak wood.

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Two should keep their length and the third one needs to be sawed in half. The two long horizontal pieces need to be screwed on top of the two vertical short pieces. But before you do that, the wood pieces need to be stained. Choose the shade you like and let them dry overnight.When you get to actually put the pieces together, make sure everything is symmetrical.

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Make measurements and only then drill the holes. When you’re certain everything is correct, you can pre-dill the holes from the back so that the screws wouldn’t be visible from the front. When you attach it to the wall you can use some black finishing screws from the front. Of course, the color in this case matches the wall and can differ. You can put this lovely gallery grid in the studio, home office, bedroom or even in the living room. Fill it with personal treasures and it will completely change the atmosphere in the room.{found on dreamgreendiy}.