An impressive New York penthouse with a luxurious interior

It’s not very often that we find apartments or houses that have such an interesting interior design. The style is unique and it’s very different from most spaces we’ve presented. This is a penthouse that can be found in New York, on the 20th floor of a building. It’s not what you expect to see most of the times you visit an apartment in New York and this definitely makes it stand out.

New York Fifth Avenue 1049 Penthuse 1

The penthouse is impressive and not just because of the interior décor. It’s also very spacious. It has four bedrooms and a large media room, along with an elegant living area, a home office, a dining room, kitchen and everything else a home needs. Then there are also the four terraces that make this place even more impressive. The living room is spacious and it has a beautiful fireplace that gives it an inviting look. The style chosen for this space and for all the rooms is very detailed and rich.

New York Fifth Avenue 1049 Penthuse 6

New York Fifth Avenue 1049 Penthuse 64

New York Fifth Avenue 1049 Penthuse 5

New York Fifth Avenue 1049 Penthuse 3

New York Fifth Avenue 1049 Penthuse

This is definitely a luxury penthouse but it addresses to a very specific type of public. It takes a certain type of person to appreciate and love such a space when most people prefer a modern and simple home where the focus is on functionality. Still, it’s nice to see something different once in a while. This penthouse is definitely different. The media room is very large and it has a terrace and the bedrooms feature spacious bathrooms with oversized tubs. But the interior is not the only impressive feature. If you step onto the terraces, you get to admire wonderful views over the city.