An Ideal Scandinavian Summer House

A Scandinavian summer house fits a certain type of house, but this Scandinavian summer house exceeds all expectations. It has everything you might think of : green space and beautiful trees which seem to protect the entire place, a wide space for all sorts of outdoor activities;  rooms in black and white with spots of orange  in different objects, wide glass windows which encourage to admire the outside view,  decorative objects which give a modern tint to the entire environment.

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This house is the perfect combination of the Scandinavian living with mid-century furniture, creating a very pleasant environment. The chairs, the lamps, the carpet are the key elements which make the difference in this classical  atmosphere. Actually, the orange objects are the ones that give that retro perspective over things in this Scandinavian area, the things which give a positive energy and dynamism.

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The form of the armchairs is very modern and  in the same tone with the other furniture pieces. The black furniture in a white background is a nice and elegant joint which makes you realize the difference between modern and classical. Each room has something special, at least one item which gives life to the entire space and which makes you like it even more: the colored paintings on the white walls, the modern lamps in the kitchen, every little thing has its part in rendering the entire space a unique beauty and in making people see the good part of life.{found on bobedre}