“An furniture” cabinet

I have always liked things that are useful, that I can use for something, that have a practical application. For me it’s no use to have a very beautiful thing , for example a piece of furniture, if you can’t use it properly and only keep it in your house because it is “cool” or fashionable. That is why I am always attracted by unusual, but very practical items, like the one I intend to present in this article. It is a project that belongs to some Korean guys from Kamkam studio who have designed a very fine piece of furniture, something that looks like a cabinet made of many pieces that are smaller and smaller.

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The designers said that the idea for this project was inspired from the name of the sheets of paper that is related to their size. For example A4 size is A3 folded in two, while A5 is A4 folded in two and so on. Well, this is a replica in furniture of this principle, as each piece is half the size of the one next to it. And I am not talking here only about the front , but also of the width. If you look at this furniture with your head leaned on the side you almost have the impression of ascending steps.

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All the components are easily connected by metal joints that can also be removed and each little cube can be used separately. This way you can use the whole project as a cabinet, but you can also use the other smaller components as drawers or individual storage units and a shelf or a table. You can easily adjust it to any kind of room by making the right combination. It’s simply amazing how easy this is when you see it and how nice it looks in all the possible combinations. You even feel like asking how come nobody else has thought of it so far?

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