An Expression of Modernism by Geometrix

There are places that you like from the first moment you see and their image is kept somewhere in a corner of the mind. It is also the case with a Geometrix work, so nice that you cannot easily forget ! Once you enter this environment, you have the impression that you have stepped into another world, a world of elegance and modernity, which seems to exist in order to provide a better life and another lifestyle. It is a world where the shades of brown and beige contribute largely to the air of modernity the entire place has.

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Everything is in a perfect agreement, the harmony of colors and forms, the light are impressive and inviting. The light bookshelves are very nice, the glass shelves are very modern and  the presence of glass gives transparency to the entire space, while the long curtains ensure an elegance no other object could provide.  The puzzle wall in light tones animates the room; the modern chandeliers’ game and the lamp in the shape of human body seem to come from the future in order to offer another perspective over life.

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The furniture is the best example of a modern and intelligent design that makes you wonder what follows, as everything seems to be overcome here. Not only the futuristic furniture is intriguing, the wallpaper, the wideness and the elegance of the bathroom with its inviting Jacuzzi strengthen the idea of finding yourself in a special place you never want to leave.