An Economic and Industrial Design for a Youth Center in Amsterdam

There are moments when the construction of a new building can be a real challenge.It is important the chosen place for its foundation, the surrounding items,its neighborhoods and finally its design which must fit all these things.There is a youth center in Amstredam built by Atelier Kempe Thill in the area of „Reimerswaalbuurt“. The idea was to be carefully integrated so that could not affect the surrounding trees, the distance from the building blocks to be kept and at the same time to be a visible free standing building.

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This building consists of two stacked types of rooms. The ground floor level represents a flat space with glazing glass walls. It has a modest interior where were used nuances of grey. As it is used as a “public living room” its glazing design helps it interact better with the exterior.On the upper floor there is the Community Hall which has a fully closed façade and is a hermetic and introspective space. It has a high ceiling, two skylights and there were used whitish nuances for the interior.

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This Youth Center is a building made of a steel frame structure with a wall infill of sand-lime brick. As it is an economic building, built with a low budget, for the glass façade it was used an inexpensive all-glass system and there were installed industrial lights and two steel staircases to complete the whole modest interior.

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The entire construction is a contrast created by the two types of rooms, the transparent reflective glass base and the scale-less polyurethane box.{found on archdaiy and pics by Ulrich Schwarz}.