Custom Wall Décor Ideas For The Bedroom

Every room needs some sort of wall décor or artwork to be complete and to look attractive. The bedroom is an interesting space. In here, the ambiance needs to be casual, relaxing and tranquil but the space also needs to feel inviting and cozy and for that it has to be customized. There are many forms of wall décor you can try, some of which can be treated as DIY projects.

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String art is one of the many options you can choose from if you want to create something handmade and special for your bedroom or for your home in general. If you’re new at this you should definitely check out the tutorial provided on camillestyles. The project featured here requires a hardwood panel, pins, wire brad nails, crochet thread, gold spray paint, glossy white paint, a hammer, a stencil and a paint brush. You can customize the design in any way you want.

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The wall behind the bed is usually a space that remains empty, since it’s not practical to have any furniture placed there. One of the options you have for this space is to turn it into a gallery decorated with framed pictures and images. You can use frames of all sorts of different shapes and sizes and you can fill them with any images you want. You can find some inspiration for that on shrimpsaladcircus.

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Of course, there’s also the option to make some eye-catching artwork such as the geometric panels featured on abeautifulmess. If you want to replicate this exact design, you’re going to need three panels. To make sure you get the shape sand the lines just right you could use a projector. Outline the design on the panels and then use tape and paint to obtain the desired look. It will definitely take a while to get all those color combinations just right.

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If you want, you can also paint something. An abstract design would be easy to get right. Let’s see how the one on bybrittanygoldwyn was created. The supplies required by the project include a blank canvas, three different colors of acrylic craft paint, an ostrich feather duster and a drop cloth, latex gloves, paper plates and paper towels. It should only take around 30 minutes to finish the whole project. Pour some paint onto a paper plate, dip the feather duster in and start blotting the paint onto the canvas, repeat with the other two colors. You don’t need a plan, just improvise.

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Let’s say you want to add some color to the bedroom. Perhaps a rainbow would look nice above the bed. In that case, go get some fabric in lots of different colors. Also, you’ll need a wooden rod and some leather cord. Cut the fabrics into long strips and then arrange them to create a rainbow. Tie the strips onto the rod and then tie the leather cord to each end of the rod and hang it. The idea for this project comes from imaginegnats.

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As you can see, there are plenty of interesting ideas you can try. You can combine them and find your own style. One of the simplest options is to decorate the wall behind the bed with framed posters, images, photos and other similar things. You can even display an empty frame if you like its design and the details and color. Check out the bedroom interior featured on thesweetescape for a bit more inspiration. In this case the ceiling is also eye-catching. If you want, you can borrow the idea and apply wallpaper on your bedroom’s ceiling to create a whimsical décor.