An apartment which shows us that white walls can also be cozy

This is not the first white apartment we’ve shown us so far but it’s one of the few that present this contrast of warm and cold and this harmony of textures and colors. Overall, the apartment features a minimalist interior design. White is the main color used for the décor. It’s also complemented by a few other shades and the color palette different with each room.

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What’s particularly beautiful about this place is the fact that, even though white is a cold color by definition, in this case it doesn’t make the apartment as cold as it is. In fact, this is quite a cozy home. It’s true that the walls and ceilings are white throughout and even the furniture shares the same tone but there are also numerous details and accessories that completely change the atmosphere. For example, the multitude of textures and their softness definitely has a great impact on the overall look.

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Also, each room has a touch of color, even if it’s just in the form of a plant wall decoration. The nursery is by far the most colorful. Still, it preserves the overall simplicity seen in the other rooms. It features a multicolored rug and a bunch of colorful toys spread throughout the room. The bedroom is also bolder than the common areas. The blue bedding, the vintage furniture and even that grey rug contribute to a fresh and yet cozy atmosphere.{found on Alvhem}.