An Antithetical Loft in New York

The loft in the picture is definitely a contemporary place that breathes good taste and modernity beyond anything. It is located on Broadway,New Yorkand Studio MDA did the work. As it was admitted, the design can be considered “antithetical” to Manhattan’s Noho neighborhood and what stands for open plan. This luxurious property reveals gallery-like views in the living areas and separates the sleeping spaces in order to allow identity and privacy for each of them.

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The intention was perfectly accomplished, that of separating as much as possible and the result is more than satisfactory. One of the most attractive parts of this loft is children’ s play area, with the cocoons for reading and relaxing, with the wall that provides a home within the home. No matter where you look, you find at least one thing that draws your attention and impresses.

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Either it is the inviting play area promising to take you to another world, the patterns or drawings on the walls or the hiding places that make you forget about anything else. The cocoons awake not only children’s imagination, but they also allow adults dream and remember about their own childhood and probably compare the differences between then and now. Every room has its own identity and very important, provides privacy. Every corner is an example of style, personality and contemporary life.