Ambient Typography Night Light

If you go out in the evening you can notice the abundance of lights that accompany all sorts of commercials or messages that appear above the door of a shop or on a certain panel on the street. All these light names and messages make the place more attractive, bring more light and make the streets look more alive. You can think of those big cities that appear so light during the night that you have the impression that is day and not night. New York, Las Vegas or Paris are just some examples that will convince you of this fact if you visit them during the night.

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If you want to create such an attractive place in your house or even transform your bedroom into a place full of light you can think of working on the following DIY project.

The project refers to the idea of getting some ambient lighting for your bedroom but it can also be for any room of your house. All you have to do is to choose your text, use your computer and print the letters and then cut them. Then you need a ruler, a canvas, a pencil, some black acrylic paint, a fluoro light and some fishing wire.The process is simple and does not take too much time. In the end you will be satisfied to get your light message which will definitely make your lace look more welcoming and attractive. You can even impress your guests with this project and make them become interested in your product.{found on ninemsn}.