Amazing Warmpath by Michael Harboun

Evolution brings us many changes in all the domains. If we want to keep up with all these developments and innovations we must adapt to a new world and adjust to its modifications. It is a way of moving on and transforms us into new and modern people.

Kitchen table combined with a fireplace projectView in gallery

For those who are attracted to everything that is new and modern Michael Harboun’s Warmpath is a wonderful acquisition.Warmpath represents a combination of a modern kitchen table and a stove. The stove completes the modern design of this amazing kitchen table. The dynamic design of the kitchen table makes you think of a jet.

Kitchen table combined with a fireplace projectView in gallery

The use of the same color and the way it is stuck to the wall lets the impression that it is actually a continual of the white wall of the room. Although the conducts of the stove run through the surface of the table the Corian material makes possible that the table resists to high temperatures and cools down the heat to a warm feeling that will make you feel nice and comfortable.

The amazing contemporary design of this kitchen table will make your kitchen look different from an ordinary kitchen. Its elegance and stylish shape will make of your kitchen a modern and remarkable space where everybody would love to spend as many wonderful moments as possible.