Amazing Up Filer from Westerville Design

In case you are a teacher you work a lot with all kinds of documents, files or other kinds of papers. It is also my case and you can even imagine how my house looks like. It is full of books, magazines, documents, different types of school materials, old documents and so on. These days I had to search for a certain document and this was a real challenge. From time to time I reorganized them; update them so that I can throw the unnecessary materials and new space for the new comers. It is an activity that never ends, perhaps when I must retire.

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I saw this amazing Up Filer from Westerville Design and it seems a perfect item for any teacher, architect or other people who need an organized storage place for all their papers.

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Up Filer is a wall mounted vertical storage rack where you can put all kinds of files or other flat materials and the advantage is that they always remain visible. Its pivoting hangers provide easy access to each file and you can add or remove an item in a very simple way. As it allows you to store oversized paper it becomes a perfect place where you can fill different sized flat materials which are very useful and important to you.Available for $149,99.