Amazing Tori-Tori Restaurant Facade

Located in Polanco near New Mexico  the construction of the TORI-TORI Restaurant is complete. The collaboration between Mexico-based  architecture firm called Rojkind Arquitectos and design workshop Esrawe Studion led to this unique shaped building. The actual design is inspired by the climbing ivy and like the original plant this building rises from the ground with its  turned and twisted façade to reach the sky.

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Slightly different the two layers of self supporting steel  were precisely handcrafted  and finished to generate an incredible dynamic effect.The project  includes a terrace outside  where people can eat and drink  amongst lush vegetation. The furniture is also special designed and made to ensure the highest standards of comfort, allowing guests to experience a comfortable dining. The interior is divided in multiple areas. Each room offers a different view and ambiance. Furniture highlights the individual  area and the ambient lighting complements the place creating a very nice feeling of modernism and elegancy.

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The curved architecture stands out both inside and outside. The lighting arrangement  from within the steel layers creates the perfect ambiance. On the inside the box shaped furniture pieces go hand in hand with the building’s theme. Wood can’t be absent from this elegant “party “ of  quality materials, thereby  excellent floors are present all over the place. This is a fine example of a great bold idea put into practice.{found on designboom}