Amazing Tang Palace Restaurant by FCJC

Bamboo is an exotic type of material used for many different things.In Hangzhou, China there is an amazing restaurant called Tang Palace designed by the firm FCJC and bamboo is the main ingredient used for its decoration. The whole interior of this restaurant is enclosed by an amazing undulating bamboo grid. It creates an extraordinary contemporary image that will surprise each customer that will pay it a visit.

Tang Palace 5 537x353

Tang Palace Restaurant is perfect for all kinds of meetings: business meetings, romantic meetings, private meetings. This undulating bamboo grid creates open seating spaces and private spaces too which are connected by it.

It is an interesting and beautiful design which will offer a splendid interior view and a comfortable atmosphere. Everybody will admire the nice interior and the elegant and relaxing atmosphere created by the bamboo design .Enjoy a nice meal and a spectacular ambiance offered by Tang Palace Restaurant!{more info on inhabitat}