Amazing House Design by João Laranja Queirós

This next property in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal isn’t big on space, but the architects found a way to exploit it and create a beautiful structure. House Canidelo is siting on a 319sqm plot and was designed by João Laranja Queirós.

Starting from a rectangular body, the architects created two cubes that work as one. The house presents both simple and complex forms, symmetrical and balanced, with a geometry that will succeed in becoming a single architectural object. Another aspect that they had to consider was the issue of the “mass”, the search of a volume that could excavate depths resulting in a play of light and shadow.

View in gallery

View in gallery

The building houses social rooms, toilets, office and garage in the basement or -1 floor; distribution area, kitchen, toilets and common room on the ground level and “traditional” rooms, sanitary on the first floor. Moreover the house is mainly built out of concrete with emphasis on the white concrete, which creates shadows. It has a neutral color palette and bright wooden floors that make it feel like a big, airy space. The furniture is modern and is very well fitted to the rooms.

All in all, The Canidelo House is a reflection of integrity and a really lovely place to live in.