Amazing glass doors for the interior from Casali

Normally in our homes we use wooden doors. They are very useful and very solid at the same time, giving the warmth of wood and making the transition from one room to another smooth and pleasant. However there are times when it is more appropriate to use some other kinds of doors. That is the case with big buildings that are used for offices or for different studios, exhibitions and even shops. In these cases it would be a good idea to use the beautiful and original glass doors from Casali.

These doors are made of tampered glass, so in case they are broken they will not hurt anyone. They are also colored or transparent , blurry or crystal clear, but they all have an amazing design. I mean they are all painted with some sort of pattern, starting from a futuristic combination of circles and bubbles till the wonderful pattern of a leafless tree that stretches all through the door. If you want to you can order these doors to slide, so that they will not need too much space when opening and you can decide if they are double or simple and all the other details. I really think you should visit the designer’ s official web site to see more details and to get to choose the right model for you.