Amazing Ebony Block Rug

I like the touch of wood because it feels so warm and natural, reassuring and not artificial unlike most things surrounding us these days. Wood has been present in people’s lives ever since they appeared on Earth, so they are connected in a very solid bond. But sometimes you may be surprised to see that wood can be used in unexpected ways, like in this Amazing Ebony Block Rug. It is actually a very special rug that is made of little wooden blocks put together and woven in an intricate pattern so as to form a nice looking rug. This rug has a geometrical shape and look and feels nice to touch, too.

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Wood block rug1View in gallery

The rug is actually a wooden grid and it is perfect for outdoor use and even for bathrooms or any other moist places because ebony wood is naturally moisture and mildew resistant. It is solid and natural and also having an interesting design. I admit I liked it the moment I saw it because it is different from all the rugs I have seen, bringing a totally new experience. But somehow I feel like stepping back in time because I am sure our ancestors had somewhat similar rugs some times in the past. Any way, this rug can be purchased for $439.99 – $479.99 , depending on size, directly from West Elm.