Amazing Contemporary House on Cedar Hill by Cunningham Architects

This is an amazing contemporary house erected near the corner of the escarpment zone on Cedar hill. The house was built across a long stone wall. This low part of the house is surrounded by native vegetation. There is an observatory tower at the northern end of the house which allows the occupants to view amazing scenery from above tree tops. The house has a spacious living area, relaxing pool zone, huge patio area, sufficient dining space and spacious bed rooms.

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Concrete tough floors are mounted by simple slabs and given a break by an amazing Mesquite wooden zone. Even though the house looks pretty solid and resistant, it is also very aired and light enters all over the place thanks to the huge windows that surround the house, so natural light is present all day long.

Amazing Contemporary House on Cedar2

There is a stone fireplace that is complemented by a nice big painting above it and some modern furniture. The black leather sofas invite you to spend a relaxing afternoon lying there on the zebra pattern pillows and to enjoy the outside view. {designed by Cunningham Architects }