Amazing Capsula Multibrand Store by Sandor Gocsei + Eniko Korompay

A capsule is a thing which can contain a magic potion, a remarkable substance which can cure you or can hide or protect many other items depending on the size of this capsule.The amazing Capsula Multibrand Store which is located in Budapest, Hungary is a modern luxury retail company shop designed by the Hungarian architects Sandor Gocsei + Eniko Korompay.

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The store is a dynamic place where the flowing and curving white surfaces contrast with the glossy black floors and the stunning historic black columns. White and black are the main colors used and they are accentuated by illuminated areas or the glossy surfaces. It is a modern construction based on contrasts, shapes and colors which contrast themselves but which at the same time they complete each other in order to create a remarkable place.

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The entry of the store amazes you with a ceiling-mounted fixture of black glass shards placed above a mannequin while a wall of recessed capsules illuminate designer accessories, ‘a’ shaped displays with reference to the typography of the boutique’s logo.You may also admire the elegant and modern enclosed rooms with additional garments and the dressing rooms.

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Another shocking element of this interior design is represented by the low ceiling of the blanched room.Although all these precious products appear in some protective illuminated capsules, customers do not feel closed in a capsule, for the contrary they take advantage of the airy space and admire the wonderful and amazing interior design of Capsula Multibrand Store.