Amazing Black And White D*Club&Cafe Design

No matter what you want to decorate : a room, a book or even a blouse you can always go for the black and white combination because you can’t fail with it.The interior and murals design from D*Club&Caffe are made by Do Plu Do Collective.This contrast of light and dark, the two colors at the opposite ends of the light spectrum, strangely go together. For centuries, they have been combined and continue to do so, in perfect harmony.Who wouldn’t want to drink a cup of hot coffee at this club – or have fun on a party. The furniture is totally black and covered in leather and the walls and the floor are white. The whole picture is completed by the murals that are designed in a very interesting manner.

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They are applied on the walls and they look simply great , depicting images from the oriental tales. It is a good idea to choose this design for a club, as the people coming here have mostly a night life and you know you can only see black and white during the night.