Amazing Apartment With Total White Look

Do you prefer a house with quiet and warm interiors? Do you find white interiors extremely captivating? Well, if this is the case, consider taking inspiration from this amazing apartment featuring a total white look. The whole space has been designed efficiently and practically to impart the house with a luxurious and lavish look. Use of white color theme to dress the walls, ceilings, doors, floors and even cabinets besides creating a luxurious look also gives way to a spacious feeling.

Apartment white pure interior design

Both, living room and bedroom also follow the white theme and have been decorated intricately with few necessary pieces of furniture. Colorful flowers in pink color cone shaped pots placed on the window sill are indeed worth mentioning. The lighting system has been so designed that it illuminates all areas of the apartment efficiently.

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Bathroom with attached sauna room also draws attention immediately as it has been decorated with a contrasting black color theme.Glossy black tiles installed on the floor as well as walls have been complemented with contemporary black color sink and stainless steel fixtures. The house also features a special room dedicated to the child of the family, and has been amazingly designed with pristine white color and vibrant candy pink tone.{found on vasastansmaklarna}