Amazing Amsterdam Cardboard Office

An act of creation means an act of transformation based on creativity and imagination.The substance or material is transformed into an amazing thing or a work of art which gets a wonderful shape, design, color and receives a lot of admiration and appreciation. Those who are talented and use their imagination can create amazing things even if they do not use extraordinary materials. It is also the case of the designers who work for “Nothing” agency. They have even developed a philosophy based on these ideas.

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office 8View in gallery

The Dutch agency “Nothing” used these ideas and created their own philosophy for perfection which refers to “transform nothing into something”. For them the finite product becomes more important than the material used for its creation.

The designers Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Kowdenburg created a cardboard office and used a technique based on using “no glue, no screw” which illustrates the philosophy of their agency. Their talent and imagination seemed more precious than the materials used.

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office 8View in gallery

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office 8

If you need some originality or even a cheap working space this interesting design can be a good idea for your working place. Although you can think it is a fragile material you will find  the stability and the comfort that you need.