Amazing 4 Casas House in Mexico City

To call the 4 Casas project simply a residence wouldn’t be fair because, as the name suggests, it actually contains four distinct houses. The project was developed by Gaeta Springall Architects and is located in Mexico City, on the edge of a steep ravine.

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The location is definitely interesting and amazing but so is the whole construction. There are two towers and they contain two houses each. It’s not the usual approach and this makes the project that much more interesting.

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Perched on the steep hill, one of the towers is composed of two structures that seem to mirror each other. The facade has full-height glass windows and the sides features long and narrow windows. The contrast makes each type look unique.

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The two towers have identical designs. The interiors are simple and elegant, decorated with neutral colors, chic and classical furniture. The décor is enhanced by the panoramic views and interior is kept simple to follow a modern approach which focuses on functionality without neglecting the looks.