Alvar Alto’s beehive pendant lamp

This is the A 331 lamp but it’s more commonly known as the Beehive lamp because of its shape and design. The lamp was designed by Alvar Alto for the university of Jyväskylä in Finland. Even though it looks quite modern, the pendant lamp was actually designed in 1954. It has one of those timeless looks that never grow old and that will always be chic and stylish.

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The A 331 or Beehive lamp was designed with several layers of painted matte white steel and with brass accents in between them. The layers form a sort of oval shape, very similar to the exterior structure of a beehive. The lamp produces diffuse and soft light that is also visible through the brass. The visual effect is very beautiful and chic. This lamp also inspired many other designs that also use brass in their composition.

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This stylish pendant lamp would look very beautiful in the dining room, suspended above the table. It would be a nice accent feature for the living room. It’s a little too precious for spaces such as the bedroom or the kitchen. Even though the lamp has a rather robust form, the light it produces is very delicate. The color combination is classic and elegant and the choice of materials makes this piece something to enjoy for many years to come.