Altia Mirror by Uttermost

People are vane. They want to look fine and they want people around them to admire them and to acknowledge their beauty and good looks. Even an ugly person makes everything they can to be fine and beautiful, because everybody reacts to beauty in a positive way. That is why you will certainly find mirrors in every home. They are nothing but instruments that allow us to check our looks and to make the necessary changes in case what we see is not satisfactory enough. But you do not need a golden frame for this. All the adornments and beautiful design of the wall mirrors are nothing but accessories that bring a plus of style to any home. So mirrors are also used for home designing. This Altia Mirror by Uttermost is the perfect example.

1026965 fpx tifThis mirror is more an accessory than an accurate reflection of our faces because of its very design. It is made of many tiny round mirrors that are carefully arranged in circles, according to their size: the bigger ones are placed on the outside and their size decreases as you get to the center. The central convex mirror is the one that is actually used as a normal mirror, and the smaller ones are only  part of the design, though they reflect small bits of yourself, too. The whole mirror looks like an interesting mosaique made of wood, resin  or metal with mirrors within the  frame. The item can be bought from Macy’s for EUR 212.20 .