Alotof Design Group Wins Admirers at SaloneSatellite Show

The 2010 SaloneSatellite Show which is being held in Milan is flocked with numerous talented designers and design groups from around the globe. Despite the huge number of participants, there are a few who have managed to earn a name for them, purely because of their creative thinking. One such group is the Alotof Design from Brazil. The group is exhibiting some discreetly designed seating solutions which explore the real potential of creative seating solutions. You need to run through the images to understand what I am exactly trying to convey.

Each one of these pieces is interesting and unique, but they have different…styles. Some of them could make a really interesting addition to a modern place, for example the red chair and the black hairy sofa, but as for the other chair, the grey one, that one is the most ugly chair I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what’s the deal with that chair but I can’t image who would want it in its home.

It’s ok to come up with new and original ideas, but the trick is to make them look good and to make people buy them, not hate them. I’ m usually interesting in new creations, but this collections has nothing common, nothing that reunites the pieces, it’s just a bunch of completely different styles and designs, and some of them are really not inspired at all.