Alone Illuminating Coat Hook

The light can transform any object in mystery and giving another dimension. This is evidenced by the hanger Alone, that lack of light would be much more like a hanger is in the market. Daniele Trebbi’s Alone light is one of those products that get our mind racing in the hopes of finding an off the shelf DIY solution to similar effect. The Alone light/coat hook is rechargeable battery powered and lasts up to 60 hours of continuous use.

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It’s definitely a very interesting concept. It’s a simple and basic fixture that can still be the center of attention in your house. You can use it as a single item or you can choose to use multiple pieces to form a hanger. The idea behind this project was to innovate a little the basic structure of this item and to bring some mystery into your house. As you can see from the pictures, when hanged from this structure, every item becomes enveloped in mystery. It has that mystic look, because of the light. Be careful not to scare the little kids.

So, in terms of design, this structure is very simple and simple-looking. But it has an interesting fixture: the light. This is a detail that makes it stand out and gives it personality and style. You can choose between two colors: black and white, or you an alternate them like in the picture.