How To Plan And Design A Contemporary Bedroom

Even though the living room is at the center of pretty much any home, it’s in the bedroom that we usually spend most of our time. It’s where you start your day and where you end it so it’s vital for this room to be designed just right. Certain styles suit the bedroom better than others. A contemporary décor, for example, would be a wonderful option because of its simplicity and cleanliness.

Emphasis on open space.

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Allow the room to feel open and airy. Don’t include more furniture than you actually need and simplify everything. For example, instead of a robust closet or a large vanity, you can use a few shelves or cubbies. And if you absolutely need a ton of storage space in the room, go big or go home. In other words, it’s better to have the closet go all the way up to the ceiling than to let it ruin the harmony in the room.

Don’t be afraid of bold colors.

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It’s great if you want the bedroom to feel breezy, relaxing and sophisticated. You can use a neutral color palette including shades such as white, beige and pastels. However, this shouldn’t keep you from also including a few vibrant colors in the room. You can add a little bit of green, purple, yellow or orange to cheer up the décor and they don’t have to overpower the overall look.

Embrace natural light.

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Natural light plays an important role in all contemporary spaces. Try to maximize the amount of light that comes into the room through light-colored blinds or curtains and, of course, with large windows. You should, however, think of your privacy and not expose the room too much.

Use clean lines and simple shapes.

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Bedroom with clean lines and shapesView in gallery

The contemporary style is defined by its minimalism. So try to be as simple as possible in your choices of furniture, accessories and everything else. Get a platform bed with clean lines and no decorative details, a dresser with simple or no visible hardware and, as a general rule, don’t include anything you can’t use or that you don’t need.

Get accessories that impress.

Contemporary bedroom accessoriesView in gallery

Get accessories that impressView in gallery

A contemporary bedroom doesn’t need to include a lot of accessories but those that have to be part of the overall décor should at least stand out. For example, get a cool nightstand with a fun shape, a bold color or something else that makes it special. Get some interesting pillows or some really cool artwork for the walls.

Pay special attention to artificial lighting.

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Bedroom pay attention to artificial lightingView in gallery

Natural light is important but so is the artificial kind. In a contemporary bedroom, the lighting should be subtle but also eye-catching. This may sound a little confusing. We’re talking about lighting fixtures with cool and interesting designs such as an oversized chandelier, a cool pendant light, cove lighting or some other options.