All in One Table and Light

This strange and unique looking table is designed by a German designer called Florian Kallus, which is said to be table with combination of a table lamp. The designer named this table as Tamp and Lamp and it is unique in its features. The main advantage of design is that this furniture blends a writing desk along with a lamp in one single piece.

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It’s actually a very simple piece of furniture. It doesn’t even look sophisticated, not even stylish. It’s just a very simple table that has a lamp attached on one side. The lamp can be rotated in any way to provide you with light whether you’re working on your computer or laptop, reading a book, writing a homework or working at the desk/table. Even when you’re not using the table, the lamp cans till be useful if you pull it on the other side and maybe use as a soft light source when you’re reading a book on the sofa or you’re just watching the TV.

Overall, it’s a very simple but very ingenious and clever design. It’s also very convenient, because it’s quite cheap. So whether you’re looking a simple furniture piece to complement your home or if you’re having problems with the small space that you have in your apartment, this table/lamp is a very good choice.