Alice in Wonderland Themed Restaurant in Tokyo

Today we are pleased to present you one of the fourth “Alice in Wonderland” restaurants opened by Diamond Dining. This unique restaurant is siting on a 2,254sqm site in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district.

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Designed by Fantastic Design Works, this restaurant can be the perfect place to enjoy a lovely dinner if you are a Lewis Carroll fan. This place actually brings to life scenes from the 1951 animated movie and, also, has waitresses dressed in Alice costumes.

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The restaurant has beautiful, bright colors, classic furnishings, gorgeous artwork and some amazing finishing touches, that give it an authentic look. You feel as if you were in Wonderland the moment you walk in through the door and see the psychedelic decorations and the dramatic design. Everything looks so unique and seems like a great place to have a meal with your friends.

Inspired by a classic story, this restaurant in Tokyo has every feature you can imagine and some dazzling touches, that make it look like the real deal.