Alessi Mediterraneo Toothbrush Holder by Emma Silvestris

I don’t know why I associate bathroom with water. I mean I paint my bathroom in blue and unconsciously I choose only bathroom items that are connected in some way with the sea or the ocean. I guess it’s all that water that’s the common feature. Any way, I was looking for some marine themed bathroom accessories when I found this interesting Alessi Mediterraneo Toothbrush Holder by Emma Silvestris. I loved it on the spot because it seems to be made of coral. Well, not exactly the actual animal that lives in the warm seas, but the design is very suggestive and makes you think of coral, of Mediterranean Sea and weather.

Mediterraneo+Toothbrush+Holder+by+Emma+SilvestrisEmma Silestris, the creator of this toothbrush holder design is actually a jewelry designer, but this only helped her design such stylish and nice accessories. The item can be mirror-polished or made of some red epoxy resin, but still beautiful. Even though the primary destination for the product is to hold your toothbrush, you can also use it for storing different small items in the office. If you like it, you can have it now for $42 plus shipping.