Alcove chair

The main details a chair should feature are related to comfort and looks. The style is also important because it needs to match the rest of the décor. In the case of a contemporary home, the line between furniture and architecture is sometimes very thin. It’s understandable since most contemporary designs sue clean lines, geometrical shapes and minimalist forms.

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The Alcove Chair is very suggestive in this case. It’s a contemporary piece of furniture and it was designed by Mike Haley. Its design is somewhat sculptural. The shape of the chair has clear angles and straight lines. A geometrical shape is formed and it changes its appearance depending on the angle you look at the chair. This design was chosen not only because of its aesthetical details.

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The shape and form of the Alcove chair also offer the user visual and acoustical privacy, which is not something common to all similar pieces of furniture. This is a sort of personal space. This makes the chair suitable for spaces such as a reading corner but also for the living room since it’s comfortable and great for watching TV in, as well as for a home office. The chair is particularly useful for those that wish to read, to talk on the phone without being disturbed by the noise around them or that wish to take a nap.