Albertina Passage restaurant from an abandoned pedestrian underpass

The Albertina Passage Restaurant was designed and created by Soehne and Partner architects. The location of the restaurant is in Albertina Passage,Vienna,Austria. Very beautiful place, you feel like entering a luxurious bout. The first thing that blows your mind is the bright white that surrounds the stage zone and the bar. In the Albertina Passage restaurant the number of people that could be accommodated is 300.

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The place is in day a very perfect place for you to eat something in a luxurious and relaxing place. But in the evening the place is going wild with parties that are made with style. Albertina Passage is constructed on an abandoned pedestrian underpass at the very center of Vienna and the main challenge was to transform this into a modern dinner club. Walls in the club have a futuristic design, a 3-d feeling that plays with the lights in the dinner.

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One thing I love about the place, are the separations that are made between the tables, a separation made with grace that allows people to see one another. The seats in all the club are arranged so that the people who seat on them could see what happens on the stage. The dinner club is inspired from the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’, a movie made by Quentin Tarantino ‘Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest’. If you visit Vienna any time soon, you shouldn’t miss this exceptional place. You enter the dinner just in front of the Vienna State Opera.{pics by Severin Wurnig and found on archdaily}.