Akari Table Lamp by Isamu Noguchi

Tonight I am going to talk about an icon in the design of lighting items in the 1950s – Isamu Noguchi. As you can see from his name, he is a Japanese artist who was famous in the second half of the twentieth century. He tried to blend traditional Japanese handcraft and paper lanterns with his modern vision, obtaining very interesting lamps. His works are still very much liked and still fresh in approach, despite the length of time since they were designed. This Akari Table Lamp by Isamu Noguchi for example drew my attention on the spot thanks to its fragile appearance and great style.

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This particular lamp looks like a beehive and is made of three distinct parts that continue to the top in a gentle rounded manner. It is a kind of paper lantern and it was manufactured in Gifu, Japan at the time. It is totally hand made and the designer used washi paper and bamboo ribbing for the best visual effect. The lamp is supported by a metal frame and four thing legs and this makes it easy to place anywhere in the house, while the handle situated on top of the lamp allows you to easily move it anywhere you want to. This lamp is now available for $250.