Airplane hotel suite

I love airplanes and I am fascinated by their ability to fly in the air, just like the birds, even if they are made of metal and glass and are really heavy and big. I simply envy those rich guys who can afford their own airplanes and stay as long as they want in one, having the power to decide where to go and what country to visit next, having apparently no frontier. Any way, now it is possible for people to taste a bit of this life or at least to spend the night on board a luxury aircraft that was turned into a hotel. It offers the amazing suit inside for guests who are amateurs of such an experience for some good money.

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This unusual hotel used to be a line airplane during the Cold War and it offered seats for 172 people. Of course the seats have been removed and replaced by refined furniture and the whole plane turned into a huge luxury suite. It is now grounded on Teuge Airport, Netherlands and can be rented for $500 – the price you have to pay for two people.

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Luxury airplane hotel bedroom

It has a large bedroom with a matrimonial bed that reached both sides of the plane , jacuzzi and a permanent hostess at your service. Everything inside is classy and stylish, a nice combination of black leather and white walls. I would have loved spending my honeymoon in there for sure.